How does the Caring Choice Card program work?

A card is purchased from the host charity, Lest We Forget Our Vets. Cards come in denominations of $10.00, $25.00, $50.00, $75.00, and $100.00. When the purchaser of the card gives the card to a friend or loved one, it becomes the gift of giving. This is because the recipient gets to choose which charity receives the funds, which is closest to his or her heart. 70% of the funds go to the designated non-profit. 30% with the host charity, Lest We Forget Our Vets.

So what are the rules? Who gets the deduction?

The person or business that purchases the Caring Choice Card gets the deduction, if applicable. The person who received the card simply designates where the funds go, but did not make the original donation (which was to Lest We Forget Our Vets Inc.). If you're in doubt, you should consult your tax professional.

How do I order Caring Choice Cards?

For cash, check or credit card purchases of Caring Choice Cards, contact Jerry Howell at 269-344-8800. For orders using MBE trade dollars, call the CCC administrator at Midwest Business Exchange, 269-344-8800.

How do I know which charities participate?

All the charities are listed on the website. Links to their websites are provided for more detailed information about each charity. They are also listed by category, so you can find the charity you want to give to.

What if the person I give a card to does not have a computer?

To redeem a card, the card holder must have internet access. Encourage the person to whom you gave the card to visit the public library. However, in rare cases where computer accessibilty is unavailable, simply call Midwest Business Exchange at 269-344-8800, and ask for The Caring Choice Card administrator, and he will be happy to assist in designating your card.

Does the Caring Choice Card expire?

No. Caring Choice Card will hold the money on reserve until such time the card holder designates where it should go. If, after one year, six months, the card continues to go unredeemed, Caring Choice Card may at its discretion transfer funds into the account of another non-profit of our choice. If the card is then redeemed, Caring Choice Card will transfer said funds back into the reserve account for dispersal to the selected charity.

Do selected charities pay a fee?

No. Charities do not pay fees to accept donations through the Caring Choice Card. When they spend trade dollars, however, they do pay a 10% brokerage fee to Midwest Business Exchange.

How can a charity sign up?

They should call Jerry, the program administrator, at Midwest Business Exchange at 269-344-8800. Charities must provide verification of their non-profit status upon signing up.

When do Caring Choice Card funds get transferred?

Caring Choice Card will transfer the funds at the end of each month.

Will my personal information be sold to marketers or other non-profits?

No, not under any circumstances. Nor will personal information be provided to the charity that received the funds.

If I buy Caring Choice Cards, will I receive an acknowledgement, for tax purposes?

Yes, upon request, we will send you a letter acknowledging your donation after completion of your purchase. If you make a purchase using MBE trade dollars, acknowledgement comes in the form of your monthly statement. Receipts for cash purchases will normally be provided by the host charity.